I would like to thank the many people who contributed to the creation of Music and the Bassoon. The technical ingenuity behind this web site was made possible by a grant from the Center for Teaching and Learning at The University of Texas, headed by Coco Kishi, which provided me with dedicated and creative assistants: Scott Herrick, Rebecca Jensen, and Nathan Koch (who also composed several of the charming duet accompaniments, and recorded some duets with me). Thanks also to my colleague, Mark Sarisky, who lent his recording talents on many of the duets.

In 1997, the University of Texas College of Fine Arts sponsored my summer research grant to create the original hard-copy version of Music and the Bassoon. At that point, bassoonists Christopher Weait, and Rebecca Jemian, and Professor of Music Education at the Oberlin Conservatory, Dr. John Knight, offered much valuable guidance.

My friend and colleague at UT, Bob Duke is a constant source of inspiration through many informal as well as formal discussions we have about teaching. Bob and James Byo of Louisiana State University were very generous to lend Music and the Bassoon some of their compositions from Habits of Musicianship: A Radical Approach to Beginning Band (

My UT students were kind to donate their time and talents to record duets and videos: Laura Miller, Nick Nelson, Maya Stone and Amanda Swain. Several Austin-area middle school students participated in the lesson videos: Dwight Fan, Reese Martin, Brian Easthope, Lilly Morrison, Miranda Ferran and Umberto Chavero.

The primary musical mentors of my youth had great influence on my approach to music and teaching: Lou Lazzerini, Cynde Iverson, Eric Arbiter, Chuck Ullery, William Winstead, Kenneth Moore, Larry Rachleff, Stephen Maxym, Herbert Henke, Catherine Jarjisian, Priscilla Smith, David Newell, Carol Taylor, Frank Carr, Kenneth Holton and Kathyrn Niemasik. My husband, Stig, not only made several direct contributions to this project, but also provides on a daily basis unwavering companionship and support for my projects. My dad’s math homework help when I was a kid– where he would start with fundamental concepts that I already understood, and lead me through a series of discoveries with amazing patience and joy – has had a profound impact on the way I teach and learn music. Both of my parents, Barbara and Martin Wolfe, facilitated enriching opportunities for me and instilled in me a love for learning and for life’s many endeavors.